Why the new $1.4B hotel will be called The Orange Beach Hotel

The new $10 billion $1 billion, 4,500-room hotel being built in Orlando will be named The Orange Beaches Hotel.

The building is scheduled to open next year.

The hotel, which will be operated by Orange County, is slated to open by 2019.

It will feature 4,100 rooms, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool.

The OrangeBeachHotel.com website, which includes the website name, the building’s address, and the name of the property, says the hotel will open in 2019.

The property is owned by the Florida Keys Development Authority.

Orange Beach has been struggling financially.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the county had a deficit of $2.4 billion, a deficit that was projected to double by 2021.

The state is looking at a $1-billion capital campaign to repair roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, as well as $700 million in bond money to help pay for other projects.

The county is also facing a massive backlog of more than $500 million in payments owed by hotel and hotel condominium owners.

But the OrangeBeachesHotel project has received mixed reviews.

It is the third major hotel project in the state, following two major developments in Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla.

Both were funded by the state and built by developers affiliated with the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, the Orange Beach project will be financed by the hotel’s owners, Florida Citrus, which owns Orange Beach’s Citrus Bowl.

The project has been criticized for being too close to the city of Orlando, which has had a bad reputation for attracting developers to the area.

In an interview with Florida Public Radio last month, the chamber’s CEO, John Miller, said, “It will be a bad experience for everyone.”

The Orange Islands, home to the Palm Beach International Airport, has been a major hub for development.

And in 2015, President Donald Trump pledged to revitalize the resort area.

The Palm Beach Sun reported that a new hotel would be built on land owned by Miami-Dade County, in what was the first significant investment in the area in more than a decade.

But Florida’s Department of Economic Development said in a statement that “there is no guarantee that this project will result in a hotel project.”