Which hotels are best for dog owners?

The best hotels for dog lovers in America are mostly located in major cities, which are generally known for their dog-friendly hotels, according to a new report from Travel + Leisure.

While a dog owner will probably have more dogs in their home than in any other city in the US, the cities with the most dog-friendliness are mostly in major metropolitan areas, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

The average dog owner in the 10 biggest US metropolitan areas owns at least one dog.

It’s not surprising that dog owners in the largest cities are more likely to have dogs than owners in smaller cities, says Laura McLeod, founder of Dogcity.

The average owner of a dog in a city with at least 10,000 people has four or more dogs, according the DogCity survey.

The study also found that people who own dogs are more open to adopting one than people who don’t, but the numbers vary widely.

In some areas, the number of owners who adopt one is much higher than the number who don: In some places, the ratio of dog owners to owners who don is 10:1.

Dog owners who want to keep their dog are also more likely than owners who do not to own a puppy.

And while the average dog owners will spend more time in their city than their dogs do, it’s still the cities that make up the largest share of dog lovers.

In the 10 largest cities, more than 70% of dog-owner households have at least five dogs.

For people who live in small towns, that number drops to 50%.

The remaining 5% live in smaller towns, and the remaining 5%, mostly in big cities, have no dogs at all.

The biggest city-by-city dog-sharing hotspots are Dallas and Austin, Texas, which have more than 200,000 dog-owning households and have a combined population of almost 70 million.

In Dallas, more people own dogs than anyone else, with more than a third of dog households having five or more.

Austin’s dog population is about half that, but it has about 6 million dogs.

In Washington DC, which has a population of more than 1.6 million, owners of more then 6 million dog households have more dog owners than anyone.

In the city of Seattle, more dogs than people own homes.