When Will NHL Players Get to Play in the Summer Olympics?

NHL.com reports that the United States and Canada are working on a plan to get players from the U.S. and Canada to participate in the Olympic Games.

The United States is also looking to get U.K. players.

It has also offered up players from Canada, Japan and Australia.

In terms of the U, Canada has the most players in terms of potential to represent the U., with 10.

Canada has four players from its current roster, with one being a Canadian-born player.

The U.A.E. has three players, one of whom is an American.

The Philippines and Turkey are also in the mix.

There is also interest from China, Russia and other Asian countries.

The Chinese, who have the most international players, have said they would like to see a U.N. Games.

Canada is currently the host nation for the U18 World Championship and the U20 World Championship.

They are also hosting the World Cup of Hockey for the next four years.

The IOC will make the final decision on the Games in 2021.