When cats are happy, so are we

When cats and dogs are happy together, so is the rest of the house.

Cats are more sociable and social than dogs.

And their personalities, too, are very different.

For example, cats love being social.

They enjoy hanging out with other cats and even with other dogs.

They love to get in the dog’s face, and they are often the ones who greet the owner, even if they are alone.

But dogs are more reserved.

They do not like being with others, especially other dogs, and prefer to be left alone.

That is a problem for a house.

And cats are a bit more solitary, which is why they can get so stressed out.

So, how to keep a house cat happy and healthy?

One solution is to keep them outside and away from the house lights.

If they do get outside, they should not be allowed to run around and chase other dogs around the yard, and the house should be left closed.

But you should also keep them indoors to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Also, don’t leave them outside.

It’s possible to keep cats indoors with a cat door, but they should be confined in a room with a door that closes when the door is closed.

When cats do get inside, they will be a bit calmer than other dogs and they may even learn to lie down more easily.

But they are not good at it.

So you may want to consider a “chicken house” or a “bully house” for them.

Some owners have tried both.

The chickens are great.

They are not as good at chasing other dogs as they are at chasing cats.

And they are also not as strong at keeping their house together.

So keep the chickens in the chicken house, and keep the other dogs out of the dog house.

But keep them out of both.

But, as always, there are other cats in the house that can be kept in the “chick house.”

And the “bunyip house” is for cats who like to get up, walk around, and be active.

The bunyip house can be a good place to keep the cat.

It is small, so it is easy to keep, and it is clean.

It has a large, open space for people to come and go.

It also has a small kitchen that is very comfortable.

You can feed the cat the food that it needs, and you can make sure that the cat eats well.

The cat also has an opportunity to play outside, since it is outside and has access to a large area.

If it wants to go out, it can.

And there is a cat play area that is located right outside the house, which the cat likes to play in.

The best thing about a cat house is that it is really small.

The room is about as large as a deck chair, so you can fit most cats in there.

And you can set it up in a way that it will be easy for them to get to the food they need, because the food will be available to them.

A lot of owners have found that they can keep cats in one small room and dogs in a larger room, but the cats are more active than the dogs.

So they will also get to play a lot.

So when you have a house where there is no room for the cats to run about, you may be able to use a “zoo” for the house cats.

The zoos can be small, like an open field, but if they don’t have a way to get outside of the building, they can be very small.

And if the owners don’t allow the cats out, they have to get the house cat into a cage that is on a different floor of the same building, and that’s what they use.

So it may be best to keep your house cats in an enclosure with the dogs, since they are less likely to get lost.

There are also indoor cat houses, which are for cats that prefer to live outdoors.

But in these, the owners must keep the cats outside to prevent injury to the dogs and the cats.

In some cases, the indoor cat house may even have a backyard that can house a dog or cat.

The problem with indoor cathouses is that they are very small, and many owners are afraid to let the cats run outside, because they fear that the cats will get hurt.

But the cats also have a lot of independence, so they do not want to go outside and chase the dogs or the cats any more.

And the indoor cats also can be quieter than their outdoor counterparts.

They don’t need to be alert and the owners can have a very peaceful time together.

For those who do not have access to outdoor cats, a lot will depend on the size of the cats, the size and shape of the outdoor cats and whether the cats like to be outside.

And indoor cats need more space than outdoor cats do.

Some indoor cat owners may want their indoor cats to live in a separate