What’s new in Disney World hotels?

Disney World has just announced that its hotels have been updated for the 2017-18 season, and it’s a big update that will come with many of the new additions to the resort’s hotel lineup.

Here’s what you need to know: The 2017-2018 Disney World Resort lineup has been expanded to include new Disney World Hotel guests.

This includes the new Magic Kingdom Lodge, which will include the most extensive and luxurious suites in the resort.

It’s also the first resort in the world to offer its guests a wide array of dining options including a rooftop dining area, a signature sushi bar, and an outdoor patio area.

The new Magic and Contemporary Lodge will also be the only new hotel in the park to feature a rooftop deck.

This is the first Disney World resort to offer this type of lounge feature in a restaurant.

The first new dining experience in the Magic Kingdom is at the Walt Disney World Grill, a new dining area in the back of the Magic Castle that will include an outdoor terrace and indoor seating.

The Grill will also offer a buffet lunch menu featuring steak, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Guests will also have access to a fully equipped lounge that offers both lounge seating and dining tables for guests to enjoy.

The second new dining room experience in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park will be located at the Contemporary Resort, the new dining hall that will feature a new design inspired by Disney World’s signature Disney Castle courtyard.

The Contemporary Resort also features an indoor pool area, dining and fitness space, a large-screen TV, and the largest indoor food court in the Resort.

Guests can also enjoy live entertainment, including a new live band and DJ booth, plus an indoor dance floor with a giant DJ spinning on top of the pool.

Guests also have the option to enjoy a wide variety of desserts including chocolate-covered chocolate chip cookies, vanilla and chocolate-chocolate bars, and other delicious treats.

Guests who are staying in the Contemporary can also select a complimentary wine tasting and dining experience.

Guests staying at the Magic and Classic Lodge can also choose a complimentary water taxi ride to and from the Contemporary Lodge.

Guests are also able to customize their hotel rooms and suites with the help of a complimentary hotel room-brand gift box and a Disney gift card.

The Disney Parks Blog has more details about the new Disney resort offerings.

Disney World is also adding new Disney Signature Events to the Disney Parks platform.

These special events will be available in select areas of the Resort, and will be delivered to guests through a new delivery service.

Guests and guests’ families can expect to see Disney Signature events in the area of Disney’s Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdoms Park in 2019.

The 2017 Resort schedule includes: Disneyland Resort in California with Epcot’s World Showcase and Tomorrowland.