What to know about hotel rates

Beverly Hills Hotel and Pet Resort is offering discounted rates on some of its pet-friendly hotels in Texas.

Beverly’s hotel rates are on par with other pet-centric hotel chains like Hyatt Regency Austin and Marriott in Austin.

Pet owners who want to stay at the resort without their furry companion will also be happy to hear that Beverlys rates are similar to those of other pet hotels in the state.

Beers owner, Matt Gresham, told WFAA in January that the Pet Hotel in Beaverly Hills is the only pet-only hotel in the entire state of Texas.

“We really do have the most pet friendly hotels in America,” Gresheim said.

“The fact that we’re offering rates comparable to the best pet-based hotels in other states is just amazing.”

Beaverly’s Pet Hotel’s pet-free policies include:Beers pet-accessible pet policies include a pet-focused pet policy, which means pet owners have to keep their pet on leash and have access to their pet in their rooms and facilities, and the hotel has a pet curfew policy.

The pet curfew only applies to Beers pet area, and not to all areas.

Beerly Hills Pet Hotel is located in the Beazerys neighborhood of Austin.

You can check Beverlys pet-safe pet policies here.

Beaver Hills Pet Resort has over 2,400 rooms, including rooms for dogs and cats, plus a Pet Inn and Pet Lounge.