What are Honolulu hotels worth?

FourFourThree Honolulu hotels are worth $719,000, according to the hotel research firm FourFourSeconds.

The company, which has a portfolio of more than 200 properties, reported that Hilton Hawaiian Hotels and Suites had the highest average annual rent for 2017, at $739,800.

That number represents an increase of $130,000 in annual rent over 2016.

The most expensive hotels are located in the Hilton Garden Inn and the Westin Honolulu, which have average annual rents of $819,200.

The priciest hotel, The Holiday Inn at Ala Moana Center, is the most expensive hotel at $2,744,800, according the company.

The most expensive properties in Honolulu are the Holiday Inn & Suites, the Hilton Honolulu and the Hilton Westin, which are both $1,800 per night, while the least expensive are the Ala Moas, which is $2.

The lowest average annual rental in the city is the Marriott Hawaiian, which averages $737 per night.

The Hilton Hawaiian has the lowest average rental, at about $6.

The hotel industry in Hawaii is booming, and with that comes an increase in demand for properties.

In the first six months of 2018, the number of properties sold in the state jumped by 10 percent over the same period last year, according Tooele.

There were 5,742 properties sold, up from 3,732 the year before.

The increase in the number was driven by the increased demand for rooms, suites and other types of accommodation.