The Long Beach Hotel in Paris is for sale

Long Beach, California (AFP) – The Long, Beach, home of Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Bruce Dern, has been the subject of a massive, two-week bidding war, according to property information websites and other reports.

The listing is for an 8,400-square-metre (42,000-square feet) hotel and resort complex called The Riviera Long Beach.

It will include a spa, a restaurant and a golf course, according the listing, which does not specify a price.

The Riviera, located on Long Beach Island, has become a popular summer destination for many of the world’s top Hollywood stars, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie among others staying there during the summer.

In August, hotel owners Lighthouse Hotels said it had won the bidding war for the Long Beach property, which is in the city’s historic district.

The bidding has reportedly been underway since early October.

The site, which has been vacant for years, is the site of a long-standing battle between the Longshoremen Union, which represents its 1.7 million members, and the owners, the Longbends.

The Long Beach hotel is not a member of the union, however.

The company is listed as the owner of the property, and has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The listing has not been verified by Reuters.

The property has long been eyed by hotel owners as the ideal location for an expensive, long-stay hotel.

Its location on the coast in a busy tourist destination with a growing city and bustling nightlife has attracted a number of foreign buyers, but it has also attracted controversy, including from hotel operators.

It was the scene of a 2006 brawl between two men, including an alleged gunman, and is currently undergoing renovations.