Texas hotel chain will raise prices for all guests

HUDSON, Texas – Texas hotels are raising prices on top of existing deals, including a 40 percent discount for adults, and will offer a discount on all of their meals, but only on the first night.

The Houston Chronicle reported that HUdsons hotel chain, Hilton Houston, has reduced prices by 40 percent on top for adults and 40 percent for seniors and children, but did not specify which meal or menu item they were offering.

Hilton Houston spokeswoman Melissa Bickford told the Chronicle that the change will be available at all HUD locations starting Monday.

“We want to be part of the conversation with our guests and we are doing everything we can to encourage our guests to stay healthy,” Bickett said.

Bickford said that HUs are offering a special offer for seniors.

She said that the company is currently negotiating with a senior who had chronic heart disease and has been at the company for several years.

A spokeswoman for the hotel chain told the Houston Chronicle that Hilton Houston will offer its guests a 40% discount on food and beverages, a 40-percent discount on beverages, and a 20-percent price increase on all meals.

While prices may be higher, Bickert said that they are the first changes to the menu and that other hotels in the area are also increasing prices.

Last week, the hotel company announced that it would be adding an extra 10 percent discount on its popular buffet for adults.

This story has been updated to include comment from Hilton Houston.