Places to book for holiday travel in the Caribbean

The Bahamas are a popular destination for travelers who want to explore the Caribbean island nation.

But when it comes to staying there, many are worried about the safety of their luggage.

In the Caribbean, it is illegal to carry a backpack, and people are often asked to bring only one or two pieces of clothing, said Mariana Garcia, a business associate at Caribbean Travel Group, which runs Caribbean Destination Resorts.

The companies, which are based in Miami, New York and New Jersey, also offer private rooms, private beaches, and private cabins.

But some travelers say they feel more comfortable bringing their own luggage and the companies are doing their best to comply with safety rules.

The Bahamas are in the middle of an economic boom, and tourists are spending more money.

It is also a major tourist destination for the United States, with about one million visitors a year, according to the Tourism Council of the Bahamas.

That number has more than doubled since 2010, according the Tourism Authority of the Caribbean.

But the country’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism, with a recent report showing that tourism contributed $8.4 billion in tax revenue to the government.

There are more than 20 hotels in the Bahamas, which is home to more than 7,000 islands.

Travelers can also find hotels in other countries, including Panama, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The country has been hit hard by the wave of Hurricane Irma, which struck the Bahamas last week.

The storm has killed at least three people, and more than half of the country has received severe damage.

Travelers can find many places to stay in the country, but the government does not provide any information about the availability of rooms or cabins, Garcia said.

The tourism agency does not have a list of hotel rooms and cabins in the capital, Nassau, where many hotels are located, and they have not responded to several requests for information about their availability.

While many hotels have been shut down, there are some that are open, such as the Luxor Hotel in Nassau.

There are also several hotels in Monterrey, where most people spend their vacations.

The Luxor, which has been open since March, has a guest house with a spa, an indoor pool, and a private bar, but there are no cabins or rooms available.

The company also has an indoor resort called the Bonaire and Caribbean Sea, but no cabons are available.

There is no official information about how many rooms and taxis are available in the Bonsai and Caribbean Seas resorts.

Travel agents in the area say they do not know how many travelers use the resorts and have not received any inquiries from tourists.

The United States has no official count of travelers who use the Bountiful Resort in the Cayman Islands, where travelers can stay at hotels and other facilities.

But a website that collects data from hotels in several countries shows that there are about 100,000 people in the U.S. who stay at a resort there, according a recent analysis of data by the International Hotels Association.

The Bountifully Resort and its website do not list the number of guests who use it, but it does say that more than 100,00 guests visited the resort in 2014, according