How to stay warm for Halloween: The Best Haze-free places in NYC

The city’s Halloween celebrations are getting hotter than ever.

There are already plenty of spots that will give you the most of your energy, and they’re all located in the city.

But for a little extra fun, you might want to try one of these Haze Haze places. 


The Haze Hotel alastorbaz, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and The Hazy Haze Bar and Grill in Manhattan 2.

The Alamo’s Haze House, the Haze bar, and the Hazy House Bar in New York City 3.

The Shady Haze in New Jersey The Hazer Haze Lounge in Long Island City 4.

The Spicy Haze, located in Brooklyn, and Zulu Haze restaurant in Philadelphia 5.

The Zulu, located near the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor in Manhattan 6.

The Big Haze on Washington Street in Manhattan 7.

The Mixtape Bar in Midtown, Manhattan, and a nearby Haze house bar in Manhattan 8.

The Happy Haze at the New York Times building in New England 9.

The Cool Haze Pub in San Francisco, California 10.

The Wild Haze Grill in Austin, Texas, and Haze Houses in the Bronx 11.

The Red Haze (formerly the Hazer House), in San Diego, California, and New Haven, Connecticut 12.

The Fizzy Haze Tavern in Los Angeles, California 13.

The Cajun Haze Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia 14.

The French Haze BBQ in Houston, Texas 15.

The The Hazzar Haze & Coffee House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16.

The Terrier Haze Food Truck in San Antonio, Texas 17.

The House of Haze Restaurants in Los Angles, California 18.

The Smoke House Bar and Grille in Miami, Florida 19.

The Old Haze Kitchen in New Orleans, Louisiana 20.

The Blue Haze Inn in San Fransisco, California 21.

The New Haze Biergarten in Chicago, Illinois, and many other Haze locations 22.

The Rooftop Haze Room and Grill on West Main Street in New Haven 23.

The Black Haze and Wine Bar in Portland, Oregon, and others in Portland 24.

The Waffle House Bar & Lounge in New Brunswick, New Brunswick 25.

The Bistro in the Haggerty neighborhood of Philadelphia 26.

The Yurkas Bar and Lounge in Washington, D.C., and other locations 27.

The Bar and Kitchen at the Westin Washington, DC 28.

The Lounge on Park Avenue in New Yorks 29.

The Fireplace at the Hacienda in Brooklyn 30.

The Ice Bar in the Old Town of New Orleans 31.

The West Coast Haze Café in Portland 32.

The Wine Garden in San Pedro, California 33.

The Laundry Room in Miami Beach 34.

The Tavern in San Bernardino, California 35.

The Chocolatier Haze Cafe in Oakland, California 36.

The Pizza Hut Bar & Kitchen in Seattle 37.

The Keg House Barbecue & Pub in Los Altos, California 38.

The Green Haze Coffeehouse in Portland 39.

The Gourmet BBQ at the White Oak Restaurant & Bar in Oakland 40.

The Great American Beer Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan 41.

The BBQ Bar & Grill in Santa Fe, New Mexico 42.

The Grill at the Rockwell Center in Atlanta 43.

The Cocktail Bar in Chicago 44.

The Grilled Cheese Bar in Miami 45.

The Italian Haze Pizza in Miami 46.

The Beer Garden at the Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn 47.

The Brunch Bar & Cafe in Brooklyn 48.

The Hot Dog Stand at the Beach House Grill in Chicago 49.

The Pizzeria at The Barbecue on the Beach in Florida 50.

The Diner at the Great Lakes Food Truck and Tap House in Chicago 51.

The Pub at the Beer Garden of Florida 52.

The Taproom at The Great Lakes in Orlando 53.

The Café at The Tap House on the Gulf of Mexico 54.

The Beach House Bar at the Pompano Beach Pier 55.

The Brewery at the Brewery on the Atlantic Ocean 56.

The Food Court at the Dine-in at the Pier 57.

The Cafe at the Bar & Club at the Marina at The Pier 58.

The Waterfront Bar and Restaurant in Tampa 59.

The Trolley Bus at the Waterfront Bus Museum in Pensacola 60.

The Ocean Cafe at The Ocean Café in Sarasota 61.

The Riverwalk at the North Beach Restaurant in Miami 62.

The Seafood & Beer Festival at The Seafold Beach at Beach Club on the East River 63.

The Art Museum at the Museum of Modern Art at the Art Museum in New Dehli 64.

The Museum of the Arts at the American Museum of Natural History at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New Rochelle 65.

The Science Center at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington 66.

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