How to stay safe when playing at night

When you’re playing at a high altitude, it’s best to wear a helmet and cover your head when you’re in the arena, especially during a game.

That’s the message from the National Hockey League.

The league is reminding players and fans to be aware of their surroundings while playing in arenas.

The NHL says a person’s ability to recognize the presence of other people, including police officers and other emergency personnel, depends on how much he or she is aware of the environment.

The goal is to protect everyone in the building, and the message goes on to say that if you are not fully aware of your surroundings, it can be difficult to avoid being a victim of a crime.

If you’re a spectator in a high-risk environment, there’s also the possibility of getting a broken collarbone.

That said, the NHL is urging players and their families to wear helmets, wear face shields and use common sense when they’re in a dangerous situation.

“While it is important for everyone to wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of injury, there are other factors that can increase your risk of serious injury,” the league says in its warning.

“The NHL strongly recommends that you take extra precautions when going into the arena or other public venues to protect yourself and others.”

The NHL has also reminded fans and fans of the risks they can take by not following the rules of the game.

“It’s important to be alert, not to be distracted by the sounds and sounds of the crowd,” the NHL says.

“If you are a spectator or other people in a crowded area, keep your distance, and pay attention to the situation and the other people.”

It’s important not to walk or stand in a certain area or in certain areas, and not to stand in certain places where you might see or hear other people.

The message is also a reminder that there are many dangers that can occur in arenas that are large and loud.

The NBA also reminded its fans to exercise caution while watching a game, as well as when attending a game or event.

The League also warns that you should stay away from certain areas where people are gathered or when people are using their phones, especially if they’re not wearing protective gear.

The NFL has also taken action on social media, making it easier for fans to report an incident of violence in the stadium.

The hashtag #SafetyTip has been used by fans and the league to raise awareness of the threat of violence that can be a part of sports.

“We are encouraged that our fans are taking action to raise their voices,” the NFL says.

The issue of violence has been a major concern in Philadelphia, where there have been several high-profile incidents of domestic violence in recent years.

A judge in the city’s most recent case of domestic abuse against a woman was ordered to pay her $10,000 in damages and ordered to keep her children out of the home after she had them abused and then locked up for the duration of the incident.