How to live a safe, beautiful life in Washington state

A new study has found that the average home in the Puget Sound region spends about $7,000 a year on gas and electricity, which is well below the average cost of living in Washington, D.C.

The average home spends about half of that on gas, and half of those on electricity, according to a study from the National Association of Realtors.

The study looked at how much people spend per year on energy in the Seattle area and found that about one-third of the average family’s energy bill goes on gas.

The other two-thirds goes on electricity.

Gas is by far the most expensive type of electricity in the region, with the average household paying $1,500 a year.

But electric bills are also on the rise.

The National Association for Realtor says in 2017, households in the city of Seattle paid $1.2 billion on energy bills, compared with $6.7 billion in 2016.

The city spent $2.4 billion on gas in 2017.

But that’s a drop from $4.3 billion in 2015.

In the region’s largest city, Seattle, the average homeowner spends about a quarter of his or her income on electricity and gas.

It’s a $1-billion gap that may not seem significant until you consider the national price of gas.

The price of a gallon of gasoline in 2017 was about $2,936.

But there are some outliers.

The Seattle area’s average homeowner spent about $1 million in 2016 on utilities, while the average city resident spent about half that amount.

The Northwest Gas Association, a trade group representing gas stations in the area, says in its 2017 Annual Report that the region has about 5,000 large gas stations.