How to find the perfect hotel in Kerala

A new study has revealed that Kerala’s tourism sector is a key driver for India’s economic growth.

This is according to an official statement by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC).

“This is an exciting study which has revealed Kerala’s tourist sector as the key driver of growth in the state,” said K. Venkatesan, Managing Director of the KTDC.

“It is an important development as tourism in Kerala contributes around 20% to India’s GDP.

Tourism is one of the key pillars of Kerala’s economy.

The KPDPC will continue its efforts to make the state one of India’s fastest growing cities.”

According to the latest research by Tourism India, the state’s tourism industry grew by 12.8% in 2016-17, from Rs.1,086 crore to Rs.2,894 crore.

Kerala has the largest number of hotels in the country with 4,932 and the second largest number in Kerala, with 447 hotels.

The tourism industry contributes around Rs.4,000 crore to Kerala’s GDP, with the industry employing around 10,000 people.