Hotel reservations for 2016 in San Francisco are out of reach

San Francisco, California — With its iconic skyscrapers and famous attractions, the Bay Area has become a hotbed of luxury travel.

But for some, finding a room to stay can be a challenge.

The number of hotel reservations made in the city for the holiday season was down 10% from the same time last year, the hotel industry group said Wednesday.

The San Francisco Association of Realtors said it is seeing an increase in reservations for the city, which has more than 6 million residents, but said it will continue to work with city officials to help people make reservations and reduce the time it takes to make a reservation.

The group’s executive director, Steve Bellinger, said the trend is one of “over-reliance” on hotel room sharing sites like Airbnb, which are not licensed by the city.

He said the city is “looking at ways to provide more flexibility to the industry to be able to meet hotel occupancy requirements without compromising on their standards and safety standards.”

He said hotel rooms have grown in popularity and are not an exclusive or limited area of the city to hotel guests.

The trend of guests sharing rooms for the holidays has been gaining momentum.

It is now a trend in some hotels in other cities, and some have started renting out rooms to guests, the association said.

The Association of REaltors has said it expects to see more hotels booking rooms for holiday season this year.

Bellinger said that in some cities, hotels have booked rooms for as few as 30 days in advance.

The association’s president and CEO, David Riehl, said that he expected hotels to be booked for more than 30 days, which would result in “more guests staying at hotels that don’t require a reservation” due to their size and the limited availability of rooms, he said.

San Francisco also has a growing hotel industry, but it does not have the luxury of luxury hotels.

For example, the average price of a room in a hotel in San Jose is $3,500, compared to $2,000 in neighboring San Francisco.