FourFourThree: Napa Valley’s Pigeon Forge Hotel, Gran Hotel, & Napa’s newest hotel coming to the States

A new hotel in the Napa area is set to open this summer and it’s being built in the name of Napa County.

The Gran Hotel will be a hotel for local residents and residents of the Napas Central Valley.

It will also include a bar and restaurant.

The new hotel is being built on the property of a former chicken processing plant.

This will be the first hotel for residents of Napas County in nearly 20 years.

The hotel will have an outdoor patio area and a pool and spa.

The hotel is expected to open later this summer.

A portion of the hotel will be used to house employees of the county sheriff’s office.

The county is also working on a new hotel to replace a former facility that was closed last year.

“We wanted to build a place where we could get to know our residents in a place they can come and spend a day or two with their families,” said Napa Mayor Scott Rocha.

“When they have the opportunity to come here and get to spend time with us and spend some time with their children and have a chance to be part of a positive and productive community, that’s what we want to build.”

The restaurant will have a bar area and will serve up seasonal and traditional dishes.

There will also be a lounge area.

The Napa City Council approved the development at their April 2 meeting.

It also approved a request for financial support from the city to help pay for the construction.

The restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and dinner on weekends.

It’s the first restaurant in Napa to open in 20 years and it will be located on the corner of N. 3rd St. and M Street in the city.