Disneyland Resort is closing its doors to guests


— Disneyland Resort and theme park operator Walt Disney World Resort announced Thursday that it will close its doors for the foreseeable future to guests due to a virus outbreak.

The decision was made as the resort was under a lockdown and was forced to shut down four of its restaurants and hotel rooms.

Walt Disney World said it would close all of its hotel rooms, restaurants and other locations in the park beginning Monday.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, which has been the mainstay of the resort since it opened in 1990, will be closed on Friday.

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Visitors can still access Disneyland from Walt Disney Springs, Disneyland Park and Disney’s Animal and Science Center by parking at Disney California Adventure, the Anaheim Resort and the Epcot Center of the Walt Disney Company.

In addition, Disney Springs will reopen from Friday until Monday.

Disneyland’s Grand Floridian Hotel, where the virus outbreak is spreading, will remain open through Monday.