Cape Cod hotels get a facelift

Posted November 29, 2018 06:27:58A new hotel has been opened in Cape Cod for the first time in 20 years.

The new Cape Cod Hotel is the first hotel in the region to open in 20. 

“It is a very special place for us, and for Cape Cod, so this is really important for us,” said John Danko, vice president of the Cape Cod Tourism Association.

The hotel opened on November 29 in the South Beach area, which is home to the resort town of Marietta. 

The hotel has an attached parking lot and a lounge. 

It is the largest hotel in Cape De Chevelle, and it will feature an outdoor pool, indoor pool, an outdoor restaurant, a spa, a hotel bar and even an outdoor bar. 

This is the hotel’s first location outside of Marieland. 

Danko said the resort is currently accepting reservations for November 29. 

He said the hotel is one of a few in the Cape de Chevelles, and that it is an anchor for tourism and an economic driver.

“It’s a really great day, and I think the city is really excited about it,” he said. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a 360-degree view of Cape Cod from the beach, Danki said.

The resort has a large spa, bar, gym and restaurant. 

There is also a lounge area for business travelers.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce has been in the news for some time over a controversial hotel proposal in the area. 

A local group of citizens took the Cape and Islands Tourism Council to court over the proposal and filed suit last month, saying the hotel would cause economic hardship and create more noise and air pollution. 

While the city of Marienburg has not officially announced the hotel, it has said it will be open for business, with some outdoor events planned. 

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